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Jonni Ekdahl

Painting, Writings 371 Followers Member since 2018
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Member since Mar 28, 2018
Last modification date : Jun 17, 2019


The genius visions of self taught artist Jonni Ekdahl show the audience that to create without limitations, rules or control is, infact creativity in its purest sense. Having had no professional art training gives this true visionary- he has the encouragement and freedom to simply create from his heart instead of trying to find a balance between educational training and personal expressions. The result is breath-taking and a treat for the viewers eyes.

Galleri Björnen Åstorp 2017 (Sweden
Malmö rådhus 2017 (Sweden
Florens bienallen Italy 2017 (Selected by jury)
Kunstherbst Bremen Germany2017
Galleri Björnen 2018 (Sweden
Solsäter i Räng 2018 (Sweden
Romele konsthall 2018(Sweden
Galleri Isietio 2018(Sweden
Art nordic Köpenhamn 2018(Denmark
Kullasalongen 2018 (jury) Sweden
Vårsalong NST 2018 (jurybedömd) Sweden
Öppna sinnen 2018 (jurybedömd) Sweden
Salon d automne Paris. 2018 (jurybedömd) France.
Bremen Kunstherbst 2018. Germany.

Art expo at pier 90. New York USA.

Upcoming 2019.

New york x1.
Miami x 1.



Presented by 10 Art Galleries

Ekdahl Jonni

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