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Jon Lanbroa is a collective formed by two artists, Jon Z. and Ixa Lanbroa.

As photographers and people, they are all life-long learners who love nature and human nature.

They are attracted to closeness and simple visual languages with no tricks or digital retouching. They capture what their lenses have caught. As simple observers behind the camera, their only aim is to share their artwork.

They studied Biology Degree at University, MA and Ph. D in Journalism in Basque Country and UK. Since they left Uni, their life has been filled with travels around the world, wildlife and obviously Photography.

They combine their passion for the mountains and their family with photography. They have studied in the Basque Country and the UK but they call home Urdaibai after years living in Japan.

Visual poems where nature does not go unnoticed is the force and source of inspiration. The detail, minimalist, the essence. For those that look at a whole and understand or simply observe.

From Basque Country to Japan: nonconformist, perceptive, daring and critic, is their understanding of Photography.

They believe in Art's possibility to create metaphors, different visions of the world and new ways of preserving our Mother Earth and fighting for human dignity.

As artists, they look for photography with substance inviting you to discover it inside their images.