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Massachusetts, United States

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Avant-garde Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the only planet in the solar system that spins on its side! Just like your celestial overlord, you’ve been known to do things your own way, moving on a path di


I find it difficult to explain my photography in a broad sense. For the most part, it reflects the passion and love I have for life in general. My images are seldom muddy, gray or unclear. I prefer them bright, sharp, well contrasted and colorful. I guess a good single word might be “zesty.” Even the monochromes tend to be bold and vibrant; often representing the entire zone system with emphasis on the absolutes of black and white.

My art most always calls me to the outdoors. Seldom, would I be found in the studio. My camera is not nearly as important as is constantly retraining my eye to focus what lies before me. I tend to shoot tepidly and awkwardly at first, but soon become comfortable and shoot in almost reckless abandon. Sometimes I hurry to my darkroom desktop. Other times, images tend to stay lost in the camera for future rediscovery. Before final presentation, a considerable amount of time can be spent post processing.

Often, I wonder why I haven’t found a niche interest, subject or technique. I suppose my answer will always be that I always want to be able to dream and create without expectations or limitations. With this attitude, my explorations should always refresh and renew my spirit. At this stage of my life, I must yield to the probability that I will probably never be able to adequately define myself. In some ways, I think I like that. This is yet another reason I like this medium. Perhaps, it can accomplish what I can not.

No matter how many times I revisit the earth’s landscapes, they always appear new and exciting to me. I pray that never changes.


Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Picasso, Monet


1970-1974 Bachelor of Arts North Grafton, Massachusetts SMU, United States