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Glera di Giais, Italy

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Glera di Giais, Italy

Member since Mar 21, 2004
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A priori tous le sujets sont bons et si leur image est banale c'est bien souvent parce que la lumière n'était pas adaptée.


Jean Turco

Member of the Société des Artistes Français

Born in the Alps, Jean Turco spent his teenage years in Chamonix, at the foot of Mont Blanc and the highest European peaks. He studied photography and art history, graduated and developed his passion for very high mountain photography.

At the age of twenty, he left Chamonix for Paris where, within the "Société Française de Photographie", he separated himself from "industrial photography" and the craftsmanship it engendered to move towards an exclusively creative photography that he exhibited and sold in galleries. At the same time he professionally engages in another of his passions that will allow him to travel far from France with his Leica and Hasselblad in his luggage, from which he never leaves.

He then photographed countless landscapes in Europe, the United States, the Emirates and Sultanates of the Gulf, Russia and China and, born from his encounters in India and Pakistan, he developed his concept of portraiture to better share it.

Mainly intended for galleries and exhibitions - he has done so in Europe, Russia, the United States, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, etc. more than one hundred and fifty in recent years - his photography, in silver using CamboWide or Sinar 8 x 10 inch technical cameras as well as in digital format of all formats, allows him to illustrate and share his idealized vision of the world where he lives intensely.

The nude, the portrait and the still life are the subjects he favours and he directs many Master-Class on these themes in Paris, Venice and in the countries where he is invited to exhibit.

Apart from his personal work, his lectures and interventions on television or radio, his courses in photography schools and the writing of articles and books on lighting, Jean Turco works mainly on behalf of individuals or advertising agencies.

His photographs, which are in the collections of several museums, Lenin in Ulyanovsk in Russia, National of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana, Nicephore-Niépce in Chalon-sur-Saône, etc. as in important private collections, have been honoured many times with prizes and medals, and in particular the bronze, silver, gold and honour medals, as well as the Niepce prize, have been awarded to him at the "Salon" - the prestigious exhibition of the "Société des Artistes Français" - at the Grand Palais in Paris.

He has published: La photo de nu (2010) L'art de l'éclairage (2012) Le nu (2012) Le portrait (2012) La nature morte (2012) Le guide des poses (2014), Punto Marte MV (2013), Dunod (2013): 100 plans d'éclairage photo (2018), China Photographic Publishing House: une version en chinois de L'art de l'éclairage (2018).

He lives in Paris and Venice