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Sète, France

Member since May 9, 2016
Last modification date : Nov 17, 2019


Change your glasses and you will see the world differently!


An exhibition at the Venice Arsenale between late March and early April 2018 with a work in the final (The Red Dice).Then, I will be visible in Paris Bastille from 7 to 10 June 2018 at the contemporary art fair at Bastille Design Center where I will present 6 works.Then, I will exhibit 2 works at Palazzio Ca'Zanardi (Venice) at IT'S LIQUID International Art and Architecture Festival ("Bodies exhibition") from May 25 to July 12, 2018.I will also be present with 5 works at Villa Monastero in Varenna ("Do" Contempory Art Exhibition organized by curator Marcello Cazzaniga) from June 16 to 30, 2018.From 12 to 23 January 2019, I am invited to Barcelona's Esart Gallery to exhibit one of my works (L'homme Penché) at their 20th International Art Exhibition. Obtaining the medal and diploma of the artistic merit awarded by Ramon Casalé Soler (Art critic).
January 12, 2019, sale to an American collector of the work "The Goldfish" on the site SAATCHI.
Participation at the end of August in the open-air exhibition "L'Art Suspendu" in Sanary-Sur-Mer.
6th prize on the RANKART website for my work "The Man Leaning".
"Mr Strange" is my artistic pseudonym.I hope to propose an original vision, a reflection or an interrogation on the world around us.For the sketch or the model of the work, I work on my computer.I do Photomanipulation or digital collage.This process suits me well because I am no longer limited by the technique.I work on images that I collect on the net then I transform.My "kif" is the mixing of these diverse and varied images that seemingly have no connection between them.Once associated, they create a new reality and open new doors.I distort the reality and I make (I say it modestly) of the surreality.But the result is, I believe, not a jumble because I like realism in presentation or representation.Even if I work on images (photographs), I feel closer to the painter than to the photographer.To steal and immortalize a moment like the photographer, is not my intention.I am not in spontaneity.
Even if my work is first digital, I decided (for some works that lend themselves to it) to propose a unique reproduction in oil on canvas. I have a weakness for this pictorial technique!
So I associated myself with a painter. His name is Qihai Chen and lives in Hong Kong. I met him on the net a few years ago. He had loved my photographic works and had offered to interpret one. It was a success!
He is an excellent artist who made the Academy in China.
It reproduces with precision the original creation.

The works are printed in "Fine Art" quality or painted on canvas 350g / m2.
For the prints, each work is proposed in 3 copies.
A white band of 5cm surrounds the image and allows to fix the canvas on a frame.
The works shipped are numbered, signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
I promise to send the work you have chosen within 2 weeks.
Delivered rolled in a tube.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any information!



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2018 Esart Galeria Barcelone, France

2018 DO Como Lake, Italy