Jean Claude Causse

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bordeaux & clermont-ferrand, France


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bordeaux & clermont-ferrand, France

Member since Sep 5, 2007
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Donner du sens aux formes et une âme à la matière

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Arrived on earth inadvertently, he quickly realized that life was a mirror without a tint. The most complicated thing was to choose which side of it he would place himself. He chose to observe what was happening in front of the mirror, instead of looking inside.

The creations of Jean-Claude Causse are nowhere and everywhere; they are as well of yesterday as of tomorrow. It does not matter to him the chapels and other modes. What makes it progress is sculpture and painting; give meaning to shapes and a soul to the material. In some works the combination of the two techniques gives a great contemporaneity despite primitive references.
For others it is a way of expressing disagreement with the myths and other beliefs that govern life today, regurgitation, nonvalues and other chimeras that the present guardians of the temple propose to us!
His pleasure is the same whatever the material he works: earth, resin, wood, stone, metal, because each requires the implementation of a different technique, and this diversity increases the pleasure.
Training at the Beaux Arts in Bordeaux as a free auditor sculpture section during Mr Hugues Morin in the 70s. He learns the earth and the stone.
His work leads us to see only the essential, whatever the theme.

If a stylistic label was essential, then we would call it his "FIGRAIN" style. (Figurative-contemporary)

Among his admirers are Académicien Jean Dormesson who owns the sculpture "See how we dance" inspired by the novel of the same title


Giacometti, Miro, Niki de Saint Phalle


1978-1980 Beaux-Arts Bordeaux, France

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Certification Sculpture 2020: €3,400.00 ($4,054.50)
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Jean Claude Causse

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