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Meerut, India

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Dear friends

Let me introduce myself me Javed Hashmi resident of MEERUT City (UP) this is an ancient city (in up) just an hour travel 65 km Away From DELHI, I love my city very much I am self taught Artist. I Have passed 12th class after 12th class I took admission in B.F.A (Jamia Miliya Islamiya DELHI) but unfortunately I dropped my Study because I could not adjust myself in Delhi I Love to my city Very much. my mother and father always helped me to improve My confidence they says one day you will achieve your target and All world will salute you, I hope the same because I am fill with full Confidence.
My specialization is in portraits, can do much better then others.
Initially since 1994 I designed covers of novel, I enjoyed to making Novel cover design, but with the Development of Computer this Line diminished and in 2003 I gave Up this line though I Experienced a lot with it I got perfection in Illustration work as well As in portrait then since 2004 I stepped in Contemporary art field This is a big field where you can give what You can, an endless field.
I enjoy painting; I am improving my paintings day by day. I am Thankful to god who has given me this talent my aim is that one day I will be a great artist like Leonardo da Vinci
At present I am doing some creative work for exhibition & am also Doing some recreation work for my daily needs.
My most favorite artist is Leonardo Da Vinci & all great artist who Have done great realistic work, I love also to Indian artist like- M.F.HUSSAIN,ANJOLIE ELA MENON, B.PRABHA,MANJEET BAWA,S.H.RAZA,F.N.SOUZA,RASIK RAWAL,THOTA VAIKUNTAM,SATISH GUJRAL,RAVINDER SHARMA, H.R.RAJA,YOGENDRA RASTOGI,LIYAQAT ALI, J.P.SINGHAL,S.M.PANDIT.