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Where work and play are one.

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In my work, I'm looking for that place where work and play are one, where spirit and matter meet.

I have taught at Texas Tech, Amarillo College, Laney College in downtown Oakland, California, at UC Berkeley, and at the College of the Virgin Islands. At Laney, where I taught for forty years, I studied art with Bill Snider, who used the techniques of the Dutch masters to paint Disney characters.

Retirement has given me time to paint in earnest, and to explore different types of paintings. In September, 2013, Artmajeur honored me with a Silver Award.

After forty years in the San Francisco Bay Area, my family and I have moved to the foothills of the Sierras, and retirement has given me a chance to paint in earnest, to make painting part of every day. I've explored landscapes, news, portraits and figures, sports animals, surrealism.

Art is a way to learn about the world, about yourself and your experiences, the way you see and feel life, what you value. Welcome to my galleries! I hope you find some things to enjoy.


Bill Snyder, Winslow Homer

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