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Torreon, New Mexico, United States

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New Mexico, United States

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Take a virtual google tour of our Gallery, Romancing the Stone, 223 Canyon Rd., Santa Fe, NM

Albuquerque Botanic Gardens
University of New Mexico
College of Santa Fe
State of New Mexico Printing Facility
University of New Mexico, Valencia Campus
Rio Grande Zoo
National Park Service
Edwards Air Force Base
Faith Lutheran Church, Albuquerque

Artist Statement:
about the design collaboration team, Jan and Jo Moore
We share a deep bond with Mother Nature and have been interpreting her landscapes and culture through sculpture for more than 40 years. There exists no separation between the creative process and daily life. For us, they are one. Our connection to Nature and its inhabitants is evident in our large body of works concentrating on Contemporary and Abstract sculptural forms with organic lines predominating. We strive to convey a sense of nurturing and compassion for the plight of both the planet and its inhabitants.
It reflects our lifestyle---simple, uncluttered, optimistic. It serves as an affirmation of the living. We have learned the essence of the
here and now and the effortless joys of daily life. We seek to create introspective pieces, often meant to evoke serenity, reverence, meditation--- sculpture that possesses soundness of line, elegance of form. Often our pieces are primal, stoic, visceral.
We sculpt in Stone and cast in Bronze, both for the unequaled timeless durability of the media, but also to explore and indulge in
their intrinsic beauty and the inherent tension of the elemental forces contained within both media. We are 50 plus year residents of New Mexico and own and operate our own studio foundry in the Ponderosa Pine-studded forest of the mountains near
Albuquerque, where we have complete quality control over castings in Bronze from start to finish…including complete control over the foundry’s timeline. Because we own the foundry, there is no limit to the projects we undertake.
Our work appears in such public collections as the Albuquerque Botanic Gardens, Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, the National Park Service (Salinas National Monument), University of New Mexico, New Mexico State Printing Facility, Edwards Air Force Base, and the College of Santa Fe. We have been published in numerous national and international publications.