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James B Studios

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United States

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Ohio, United States

Member since Jun 22, 2011
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Who is James B? James B is the pseudoname of Ohio based artist James Begert. James has worked in film as both an actor and director as well as pursued music through several different bands over the years. James B's works are in notable collections worldwide and have made their way to the walls of both galleries and museums when he sold his first work in early of 2011, a portait print of Al Capone, thus James B Studios was born. James is mostly known for his serigraph portaits to this day. The artist has the following to say about his work: I create the portaits as a meditation or a study of systems. They serve as tokens of observation. After carefully meditating on the subject I concluded that social systems and intitutions are notstatic, rather they are subjectively based on perception. The search sometimes will lead to a variety of subjects. The truth is I never know who the next portraits will be. I like to work with canvas or fabric and do not aim to paint. beautifully or studiously, rather to - leave an indelible mark on the substrate and stain the canvas. The process of creating each piece of art is spontaneous and therefore each unique. It's a hand's on and intensive process. I do not serve to paint rather stain the textile and serve the process of discovery. The study of these systems is what drives me to search. In short, my work is based on being a modern historian cataloging areas of interest including the modern art world, economics, and pop culture. The easiest way to perform this search is through the portrait

James B is a listed artist in Who's Who in American Art with auction recorded sales. His art also resides in notable collections including actor Brad Pitt, artist Jasper Johns, and Corpo art gallery director Gary Pressman. James B's works have also hung in galleries and museums.