Elizabeth Sennett

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East Hampton, CT, United States


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Hi Elizabeth, truly lovely picture! Very-very nice!

Irina Gvozdetskaya Moscow, Russia | Feb 1, 2010

All of them really wonderful...wonderful...Congratulations....

yildirim Yıldırım Turkey | Oct 12, 2009

Hello Elizabeth, I visit your website, and I want to tell you how I like your works. It's very great. The colors are so magical. Congratulation. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO. Naïma

Naima a France | Jul 6, 2009

Betty, You have opened up a wonderful(and sometimes very green) world for me to enjoy. Thank you for your patient teaching and the shareing of your secrets. Your web site is beautiful, congratulations!

Rita Gibbons United States | Feb 12, 2009

Elizabeth, your paintings are awesome. What a gift God gave you. If I had the money, I would buy all of them!!! Hopefully, this will go through; this is the 3rd time I have tried. Keep up the good work. Ginny

Ginny (Chase) United States | Feb 6, 2009

Betty, your website looks great! Thanks for all of the inspiration all these years! Pete Barrett

Peter A United States | Jan 26, 2009

Elizabeth, I love your paintings! Your skill and love for your work is obvious. For me your floral paintings are particularly stunning. Meeting you and Jim after 50 years had passed was a special treat. Your success in life makes Carver and Silver Lake (and me) proud. I'm looking forward to seeing you both at our next reunion.

Stanley Miller United States | Jan 25, 2009

Elizabeth, I am in awe of your beautiful art work and of the way you expressed yourself with each painting. Your passion and skill is evident. Thank you for sharing yourself. Jane (high school classmate)

Jane Bailey United States | Jan 25, 2009

hello, votre travail est magnifique. Les paysages sont très doux. Bon succès pour 2009

Véronique Lancien France | Jan 7, 2009

Elizabeth, congratulations on your website. Your art is truely amazing. Thank you for your art classes in which you so generously share your vasy knowledge, talent, and love of painting. Thanks to your guidance and patience, I am no longer dabbling in the dark. Ciao, Pam

Pamela Allegretto United States | Dec 31, 2008

14x22 in © by Elizabeth Sennett
© Elizabeth Sennett
Field of Flowers - Painting, 14x22 in ©2009 by Elizabeth Sennett - Figurative, figurative-594, lupines, flowers, field of flowers, poppies

Hi Elizabeth, If I may be so bold to call you by your first name. I have talked with you on the phone a few years ago and own a limited edition of " Field of Flowers". I am a little confused, as I have this work.. dated 1988 and measures 30" x 24 1/2 " and original signature..

Raymond Gregory New Britain Connecticut, United States | Oct 25, 2013

16x12 in ©2013 by Elizabeth Sennett
©2013 Elizabeth Sennett
Old Bottle with Pears - Painting, 16x12 in ©2013 by Elizabeth Sennett - Figurative, figurative-594, Dark Green Antique Bottle with Pears, Still life of pears on linen

very nice artwork

D.H.Louis France | Mar 31, 2013

29x21 in ©2010 by Elizabeth Sennett
©2010 Elizabeth Sennett
Jewelry Box and Pearls - Painting, 29x21 in ©2010 by Elizabeth Sennett - Figurative, figurative-594, pink flowers, pastels, pearls

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