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Jaber EL MAJOUB was born in 1938 in a family from shepherds from Me Saken (suburbs of Sousse) in Tunisia. With the 6 years age it lost his mother and was practically raised by his sister. He could not attend the school because he was destinated to keep the animals to nourish its family. It thus never could learn how to read and write. In 1958 it takes the direction of Marseilles and works there as baker before going up to Paris two years later. The little children of the baker of the street of the Servites still remember him, because the grandfather carefully preserved some parts of Jaber. Indeed as soon as it had a pause, it drew by ground with the charcoal and made cook the bread dough in the shape of bird, fish or flower. The afternoon, it sold its gouaches and amused the public places St Michel. It was also interested in boxing and carried out 17 engagements. Its talents of singer-author-type-setter opened to him the doors of the Small Academy of Mireille. It recorded two 45 turns at Pathé-Marconi. A few years later, he was discovered by an American rich person who took it along to America. He had discovered rightly that it had the breadth to become an artist of international size. They married quickly and Jaber accepted a gallery of best placed at San Francisco. At the end of a few months, the gallery had become the place of appointment of all the followers of the scene flower-power and the trade hardly troubled it. It preferred to offer its work. In 1971, it obtained the first price of painting among 800 candidates in Plainfield Art Festival. It became famous, but its marriage was a failure. Return in Paris it exposed in 1977 to American Center of Artists which started again its career in Paris. His/her friends and collectors made it take part or organized for him many prestigious exposures. He entered considerable private and public collections all over the world and appears in all the Museums devoted to Rough Art or Outsider. As for many artists, his period of glory knew its decline with the crisis of the end of 1990. The galleries which defended it disappeared. Instead of deploring, it took its fate in hand by selling again its gouaches this time in the district Beaubourg, new high place of the contemporary art. Unfortunately times had changed and it was stopped many times. It found the parade by simply pushing the door of the galleries, bookshops, coffees or restaurants. About thirty Parisian places propose its works permanently, without however devoting an exposure to him. It systematically ruins them. Jaber is the striking example of integration. Tunisian immigrant, without knowing neither to read neither to write, without to have ever touched any social help neither unemployment, nor RMI, it leaves himself there more than honestly. It however wishes to live very modestly, in anonymity and quietude. He invites only very rare people with his workshop. He developed a very personal working method: Comb...