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My complex abstract paintings are inspired by love of nature

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Iryna Kitaieva lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

 Since 2003, she began to learn painting at the Odessa Art School Grekov, and since 2009 - the architecture of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture. After graduation Il took active participation in the Ukrainian and International Exhibitions (Odessa, Kiev, Berlin, St. Petersburg and others.) Style: Abstract -non figurative art.This is an original artwork painted by Iryna Kitaieva . My technique shows some influence of Abstract Expressionism, Figurative Art. I use original mixed technique in which undiluted paint is applied into the canvas or panel.I like to paint colorful, impasto abstract paintings.I often use palette knife to make three-dimensional space in painting . When I use this impasto technique, I often mix paint on the canvas itself to achieve the required colour and satisfied when I feel I had achieved the correct load or overall balance of color. My complex abstract paintings are inspired by love of nature. I always want to express emotions and thoughts through artistic forms.These impressions then materialized through layered painted compositions. Сollections: France, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Germany, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Sweden,Spain,Great Britain,USA


Gustav Klimt, Gerhart Richter

Kitaieva Iryna

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