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See the beauty in chaos and the chaos in beauty!

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Scott was born in the early 70s on the east coast. Son to a chemical engineering professor and a school teacher. After bouncing around many states and even more cities Scott landed on his own in Austin Texas at the age of 17. He attended college by day and created leatherwork by night. The leatherwork lead to a show that was created basically by accident to feature his work in a fashion show. He then wrote, directed and performed in that show on on a weekly basis for 14 years. Then life changed dramatically due to a family tragedy and the show closed and Scott went to work as a roughneck welder for the next 10 years. While raising his daughter alone on a shoestring budget he began to sculpt with scrap steel from the shop to cope and keep busy.  He is self taught and  has been sculpting now for about 5 years and his primary subject is the female form. His goal is to take the chaos of a rigid medium thats cold, hard and sharp and pattern it in to soft flowing forms , smooth to the touch that convey warmth and emotion.