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Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculious than absolutely boring

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My name is Inga , I am lithuanian artist  living in Turkey. I have finnished architecure and was working in this field till now. I began to paint before 4 years. But watercolours  was my passion from my studies time. I create narratives in which animals are protagonists. My animals are very expressive and  a lot can be broadcast through them. The dog's eyes and nose are friendship and attachment. The skin texture of rhinos is like a planet from space, the horns are a symbol of their strength, for them it is a very important part.  For me cats are a symbol of peace, curiosity and independence. Usually  I portray sphinxes because for me they are some kind of extraterrestrial, royal animal. I think  it is interesting to find things that are opposite to each other and turn them into something very organic.Each of the my original creations are full of humor and irony. My latest works are optimistic, full of sarcasm and humor. The stories have become ironic. I make fun of myself and others. I realized that humor is as necessary as air, water and bread. I create my own world, dominated by different canons, different gravity. That world is weird, but I like living in it.


2001-2006 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Architecture Vilnius, Lithuania

Solo Expositions

2020 Vintage tales (Online exhibition) Kaunas, Lithuania

2019 Fisiltilar Ankara, Turkey

2018 The Whispers Kaunas, Lithuania