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Arsen Revazov was born in Moscow on December 12, 1966.
He is a photographer and a writer. Revazov has been engaged with photography since his third year of elementary school. During the past few years he has been shooting mainly on special infrared films. In this way, Revazov tries to show an invisible world through a light that the naked human eye is unable to see.
He shoots on large-format cameras - negatives size is up to 11×14 inches - which gives him the possibility to achieve extremely high resolution images. Revazov’s artistic task is to help viewers access a different, parallel reality. It can be wonderful and conflictual at the same time. He uses two different methods: classical silver bromide printing and the almost forgotten platinum contact printing which was common in the late 19th century. Revazov’s works are present in museums and private collections all around the world. Since 2013, he lives and works predominantly in Venice.