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What is Mirror Art?

I'm often asked what Mirror Art is and how did I come up with the idea. Well, let me first say that anything can be created into the mirror. Okay, Mirror Art is my original designs hand etched into any mirror. I've recently began adding a bit of color via acrylic paints, along with bits and pieces from arts and crafts. The original idea came from my Dad who years ago gave me a large mirror with several large photos inside of it. At least thats how it appeared. What I later discovered was that Dad had scratched out the silver from the back of the mirror to make spaces for each photo, a very tedious and time consuming process that i could never duplicate as well as he did. My Dad died before he could show me how he accomplished the task, so I began to research a way to improve on my Dad's process. What could I do to add to his basic concept? God gave me the idea to use the sketches I painted from, some etching creme, and of course a mirror, Voila, Mirror Art. The rest as they say is history!

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