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The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.

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Ibolya Taligas was born in Budapest, Hungary. After completing her A levels in her home town she moved to the UK. She studied Illustration in London but It was many years later that she took up watercolour painting, in which she is self-taught and it is now her primary medium. Since then she has developed a spontaneous and recognisable style.  Ibolya often paints en plein air.  She finds inspiration in whatever pleases her eyes at the time. Ibolya also appeared in a number of art magazines published in the UK and her paintings are in private collections worldwide, some of which has won awards. Her loose, impressionistic work is displayed and sold at art websites worldwide. 


Seago, Wesson, Sargent, Monet

Ibolya Taligas

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