How to sell my Art online with Artmajeur ?

Artmajeur is a marketplace that links artists directly with buyers.

Who can sell on Artmajeur?

Artists (both amateurs and professionals), art galleries, art associations and art agents.

How does it work ?

Interested buyers can contact you pay you directly. Once you have received the payment, you send them the artwork.

How much does it cost to sell?

Sign up and present 10 of your best artworks: 100% free forever. Upgrade for unlimited images and exclusive services to protect, promote and sell artworks for just $4.55/month!

Images protection

Your images are protected on Artmajeur

Physical protection

Your images are stored on redondant servers, hosted within ultra secure facilities protected against physical and digital instrusions.

Technical protection

An unalterable watermark is placed on your images and prohibits any unauthorized use.

Legal protection

All images are stored with a timestamped certificate of deposit that can prove ownership and anteriority of your creation in the 167 countries signatory to the Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.

Promote your Art receives 5 millions pageviews every month.

Your art on Artmajeur's home page!

When you upload a new image, it is automatically featured in the "new artworks" section on Artmajeur's home page, with a maximum audience !

Facebook Art Shop

Take advantage of Facebook huge audience opportunities: let users browse all your art directly from your Facebook page!

Grow your audience

Benefit from Artmajeur's huge audience of international collectors and art enthusiasts! Easily keep in touch with your audience by regularly sending messages to all your subscribers.

Sell your art

Artmajeur helps you manage all aspects of selling your work.

Sell your originals on Artmajeur

All features to sell online: Create purchase orders and invoices, receive your payments on PAYPAL, checks, bank transfer etc ... 0% commission on sales!

Sell prints with your works

Increase your revenues by selling high quality fine prints and posters: Artmajeur takes care of everything from ordering to shipping, and you receive 100% of your desired margin.

Sell your works as digital files

Sell your image files as digital licenses. Artmajeur manages all aspects of the sales, and you receive 70% of the royalties you have set.

Website for artists

Create your own Online Art gallery

Create a professional art website

You will be able to send your clients directly to your art in a professional-looking website with your own colors and styles. No programming required: you can easily modify all aspects of your website using our simple forms and menus.

Get a professional domain name

Your site will be available directly from your domain name: +

Sell your art on your own website

Simply indicate the email address of your Paypal account. Your customers will be able to buy from your site and send the payment directly to your Paypal account, using the "Buy button" next to your artworks.

Plans and prices

All our services are offered with No Engagement!

Platinum Account $4.55/month

To protect, promote and sell your art on Artmajeur's marketplace.

Website for artists $9.20/month

Your very own professional website to display or sell your art.

Combine our services to maximize your online impact!

Our best offer is to combine the PLATINUM service and a professional art site: you get the power of Artmajeur network to give your work an international audience, and you can greet your customers on your website pro, with your own name domain! Platinum + Website = $12.33/month

Test for free: On Artmajeur, you can sign-up and present your best works for free: You will only pay if you sell.

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Good to know: Prices calculated with yearly payment, without VAT.