Homero Aguilar

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cali, Colombia

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cali, Colombia

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Nacido en Pasto el 13 de Diciembre 1953
Estudios primarios Escuela Santa Barbara Pasto
Estudios secundarios Cali
Diploma de Arte Plasticas Instituto Popular de Cultura Cali
Fundacion de la Escuela de Arte Miguel Angel Cali

1979 Viaja a Paris donde Comienza su carrera Artística y permanece durante 30 años.Exponiendo en las grandes capitales Europeas y galerias Americanas.
Desde el año 2008 vive y pinta en Cali
Possessed by limitless possibilities, Homero Aguilar's vision leads us beyond conventions of time and space-beyond what is expected. Mirrors against indented skies, landscaped windows reflecting walis of sheer intimacy that open into an abyss of breathtaking space. At one glance fragments of the horizon become redefined, refracted and reframed. Each direction has a new view that is infinite as it surrounds the vision in a subliminai labyrinth that is uniqueiy Auilar. His paintings draw us out of perceptions and into a play between presence and absence. He magically blurs the edges of interior and exterior erasing definition and direction, expanding space in new ways. While observing an Aguilar painting one starts out disciplined and then finds themselves caught in a hypnotic gaze. He forces the eye to trace the iliusive edges of structure, wandering like a traveier across shifting perspectives and focus. We realize the markings of humanity have been removed revealing juxtaposed scenes of lush paradise contrasted with arid desolation, where shadows of light become strips of contained space. He weds opposites ; night and day, sky and water, transparency and opaqueness creating a third perspective that iiberates our souis secrets. In the ethereal architecture of Aguiiar we return to the secret vestibules of our lucid dreams. His multi dimensional images echo and mimic our own emotional sentiments. His paintings call into question civilizations absence of the imaginal - and everything that is "still in the silence". Only a pure eye flot directed toward exposition of reality or solution of practical problems can look beyond the mirror's reflection and through the windows of human pain. For Aguilar's work reflects natures effervescent world and in there we find ourselves and abolute innocense.
"Miramos la luz, para tener la edad del cielo, Y alla en Jo alto, lejos de las heridas del dia se agita sua vemente la hierva de grandes espa clos"
"We watch the light for we have the age of the sky above us and up there far away from the pains of the day moves slowly-the grass of vast spaces"