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Den Haag, Netherlands

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Stimulating fantasy – providing open mental and emotional space - seduces the viewer into subconsciously experiencing archetypical associations - an invitation to widen your perspective - …these are some statements given by visitors at several occasions lately.
As a young boy spending time in Egypt, later in Milan, growing up in Vienna, all this led him into a life of creating art. Talented for music just as well as for visual art, Heribert Wagner is one of a few.
As he recently stated in an interview: “My art is about emotions and humanism, but also about our world today and politics. Whatever goes through my mind at the time streams into the act of creating the artwork at hand in togetherness of body and soul, spontaneously shaping the motions of my tools, deciding what to use, a certain brush or a painting knife or otherwise. The colours, the composition, in those moments undisturbed, in full devotion and concentration it all streams together into one work of art. Whenever I feel it asks for particular fine-tuning …” then Wagner invokes his craftsmanship to explicitly work out the finest details, in abstraction or in realistic associations surfacing here and there in his paintings, always balanced towards the meaning of the words Fine Art.
“While working on the series “Dark Matter – The Terra Nera Paintings”, the uncomprehendable was the thing, my thoughts circling around the scientific exploration of the universe leading straight into CERN, smallest conceivable particles clashing into each other to learn more about bosons and the missing link to the existence of dark matter. Humanism, devotion, empathy, these are often missing links between people and nations. Can it help us if we focus on infinity micro- or macro-? If just sometimes but regularly we all take a “snapshot”, allowing yourself a short moment of universal consciousness, we can better put life in perspective… make it a habit!

Music: several jazz groups, festivals, radio and tv performances throughout Europe, composer for symphonic orchestra and soloist in his own composition “Gaia, a Story for Jazzgroup and Symphony Orchestra” with Het Gelders Orkest, Arnhem/NL, New Association and conductor Taijiro Iimori, edited by Donemus, Amsterdam.
Education: Academy for Applied Arts, Vienna: architecture with Prof. Janeba.
Conservatories: Vienna (1971-74) and Enschede (1979-83)
Heribert Wagner lives and works since 1978 in the Netherlands.

Contact: +31 (0)6852 65500

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