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I am 44 years old (and here I leave a big white ... or so an omggggggggggggg already !!!)

I like talking but I do not like talking about myself. At least, I do not like talking about it directly. I always do it through stories or whatever. I am very dreamy and I realized lately that I still lived in a world of shimmering colors, soft, innocent and harmless ... When I woke up, I saw that everything was off, black , dull and especially weird around me. Or maybe I'm weird?!? Tastes change and they evolve very randomly and especially very strange. It's a long time since children watched Heidi and Princess Sarah!
I am self taught. I followed literary studies. I love reading, writing, watching movies and playing video games. A woman-child. In fact, I love everything that can give free rein to my imagination. Today, I would like to do what fascinates me and live from art, but for now, it's not a win. My daughters say it's impossible and I say nothing is impossible. Some things are just harder to accomplish. Am I wrong? The future will tell me.
I hope that you will learn to know me through my artworkand that I will be able to take you into this world which is mine, because I put my joys, my sorrows, my fears, my hopes and my defeats and my victories


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