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Gloria Nilsson

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Painting, Arts & Crafts, Sculpture ... 84 Followers Member since 2008
United States
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Silk Painting 9 artworks

My silk paintings have a more liberating, contemporary, and intuitive style. Painting on silk is a very unpredictable process. The paint wants to just go - and you have to allow it to do its own thing to achieve the most beauty from this medium. Working with pops of color, and using gutta as a stylus, allows an artistic freehand which enables me to create spontaneity and movement.

Hand Painted Scarves 10 artworks

Each of my original creations are meticulously hand painted one at a time. I may apply one or more techniques which may include the traditional Serti method (applying resist to create "borders", color is then applied within outlined areas). Please contact me if you are interested in a scarf that is marked "sold". Since each scarf is unique, I can create one for you that is similar to the one represented here.

Original Hand Pulled Prints 2 artworks

This gallery represents limited editions of original hand-pulled prints & original gelatin prints that may be printed within a collective series.

Figurative, Portraits, Interiors and Cityscapes 7 artworks

Depending on the mood I am trying to depict, a more painterly impressionistic approach may develope or realism may be my goal.

Landscapes 11 artworks

Many of my landscapes are painted en plein air. Capturing the peaceful quiet of a farm pasture, the crisp color of a bright fall day or the presence of life in a cluster of flowers swaying in the breeze. Be still and you will also find beauty.

Seascapes 10 artworks

Seascapes are one of my favorite painting destinations. The challenge of depicting brilliant light and color while creating interesting texture and movement are what inspires me when painting a seascape. Feel the warm carefree sunshine, follow the passing clouds and breathe in the fresh, salty air.

Still Life 20 artworks

Still Life painting is a great dicipline. the study of still objects in light have a great place. I find the practice of still life painting a huge advantage when challenged to paint en plein air.

Small Works 12 artworks

Sold, NFS and Private Collection | Paintings 79 artworks

For Giclee prints, posters, note cards and cell phone cases of selected sold paintings, please visit my websites and