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Guy Terrier, figures as an original character in the art world. A self-made man, he showed at an early age great skill in drawing and at 10 won a first prize awarded by a jury. His background is originally scientific, being an aircraft engineer and also specializing in industrial I.T. His creative spirit however is boundless and dreamlike, and has enabled him to win many a prize in humorous drawing ( Grand Prize of the Jury 1982-1985 and first prize given to him by the public at the Perpignan International Cartoon Festival). He has also excelled in technical illustrations (Corel World Design Contest Grand Prize technical drawing 1992 and 1994) as well as in I.T. animation (Best Animation of the Year CWDC 1994). He rapidly became known as an expert in graphic art and worked for various magazines as a journalist and illustrator. His original outlook makes him the depositary of any given style. For him there is creation only . Words and style come into the scene only when colours and compositions broaden and liberate perception.

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