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Hanwen Guo

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Mr. Hanwen GUO (Xu GUO), born in 1974 at Tianmen in China, chinese contemporary visual artist, painter, doctor of Arts (Plastic arts) at the UFR of Arts of the University of Bordeaux III, lectorate of the universities in China, member in the Association of Artists and the Association of watercolors Painters of Zhejiang in China.

He learned Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphies from his father since 5 years old. In 1992, he entered to the faculty of fine arts at the North-East Normal University (Changchun-China) to learn the artistic theories and to research his style artistic in his paintings. In 1996, he hold an "honors" bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Between 2001 and 2002, he continued his research in a Master Course (Graphic art) at the China Academy of Arts (Hangzhou-China).

During 1996 and 2002, he had been a teacher of Fine Arts in the faculty of architecture and design at the Zhejiang Wanli University of Ningbo in Zhejiang, and in the faculty of Arts at the Hainan University of Haikou in Hainan in China.

He has taken part in many exhibits in China, for example: “The 9th National exhibit of arts in China 1999”, obtaining the certificate “works selected”; “Exhibit of Arts and Calligraphies for the national festival of the 50ème birthday (Hainan)”; “The 1st exhibit invitation of the Association of the watercolor Painters (Hainan)”; “Exhibit of Watercolors’ 2000 (Zhejiang) ”, with the “bronze Price”; “Exhibit of Watercolors’ in New Century 2001 (Zhejiang)”, with the “bronze Price” etc.

In September 2002, he leaved China for France. In June 2005, he holds the D.E.A. of Arts (Plastic arts) at the Bordeaux III University. Now he make his thesis in same faculty.

In November 2004, his first personal exhibit of paintings “Discover the oneiric world” at the University of Bordeaux III. In April 2006, he has taken part in the “16th international salon of the watercolor” in Uckange in France.