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My name is Gui (short for Guilherme) Limão. I am 25 years old and I’m from Algarve in Portugal.
Right now, I’m still living in Algarve, and I have chosen Albufeira to start my career as a painter. I’ve always felt inspired to draw, to make something. Even if didn’t make sense, I just let it flow and explore with imagination the world that was being created. I had some experiences painting when I was younger but always under the instructions of adults (which was kind of boring). So I just stuck to drawing because of the creative liberty I felt I had (nothing really serious, just some random drawings). In 2015, I started dedicating more time to arts (music and painting) and especially painting had a very big impact on me. I never thought that I could create in the way that I had already visualized through my emotions. It doesn’t truly matter if it’s good or not. Or, if it’s beatiful aesthetically. What truly matters to me is the power of abstraction that paint gives me. So, i decided to share with other people who might have had similar visualizations to my owns. I think it’s very probable; after all, we live in the world and we feel theough our emotions.