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Miki de Goodaboom

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Painting, Mixed Media 266 Followers Member since 2008
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The Authentic Series 24 artworks

Collection of watercolour paintings featuring emblematic towns and cities from around the world and their iconic modes of transport

The Wonder World Of Truffle McFurry 49 artworks

I adore my Teddy bear Truffle McFurry, and all kind of Teddy Bears too. I think they are worth to have their own paintings gallery. It will also be about their pets, their toys and everything they like!

Times of The Day 03 16 artworks

Watercolour and gouache fantasy landscape painting in minimalist impressionist style

Spain Sketches and Paintings 04 36 artworks

Collection of paintings and sketches of Spanish landscapes, townscapes, seascapes, scenes, still life and people

Hungary Sketches And Paintings 35 artworks

Travel art from a painting trip to Budapest in Hungary in October 2014

Sicily Sketches and Paintings 40 artworks

Travel paintings and sketches done on site during a painting trip to Sicily in May 2014

Sport Paintings 111 artworks

Miki loves all kinds of sports, Miki loves all kinds of sports, as they capture beautifully her perpetual need for movement and colour! Consequently she loves to create paintings of sporting themes. Her signature painting style encapsulates the movement, excitement and will to win inherent in all these disciplines. Bold use of colour and texture evoke all these sports in a special way. If you want to buy one of these paintings or commission a sport painting of your favourite sport (from a...

Animals 28 artworks

Gallery of animals paintings in different styles and techniques

Toroscapes 62 artworks

Bullfight Paintings 61 artworks

Miki is a world renowned bullfight painter of bullfight themes, with clients scattered across the globe. Her bullfight paintings always impress with their vibrant colours, her personal interpretation of movement and sense of Spanish tradition. Please feel free to contact her if you wish to purchase one of these paintings, order a copy of one of them in the size and technique you wish, or commission a new one from your favourite bullfight photo. Wonderful Hand signed prints are also available.

Ireland Sketches and Paintings 24 artworks

Sketches and painting from a trip to Dublin and surroundings in April 2013

Morocco Sketches and Paintings 44 artworks

Sketches and paintings from my trip to Morocco... and from my dreams of it!

Gran Canaria Sketches and Paintings 55 artworks

Watercolour and ink travel sketches and paintings from the Canary island Gran Canaria. They have all been painted on site during a painting trip to Gran Canaria in January 2014

Tenerife Sketches and Paintings 67 artworks

Travel sketches and paintings from a 3 week painting trip to the Spanish Canarian Island Tenerife in February 2013.

Lanzarote Sketches and Paintings 76 artworks

Watercolour and ink painting and travel sketches from my 3 weeks painting trip to Lanzarote in November/December 2012. I have just come back (December 2012) from a painting trip in Lanzarote, the easternmost of the autonomous Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 125 km off the coast of Africa and 1000 km from the Iberian Peninsula. I had already been there a long time ago, but at that time my holiday interests were more focussed on partying than painting, and consequently my mem...

Crete Sketches and Paintings 60 artworks

Paintings and sketches from my trip through Crete in April 2012

Portraits 02 68 artworks

Portraits 01 100 artworks

A portrait painting is a wonderful gift idea for a birthday, a wedding, a communion, Christmas, and all other special events of our lives. Miki's portraits are so life-like, so delicate and sensitive that they always touch the hearts of anyone who sees them.

The Fantascapes 39 artworks

Miki takes her landscapes and figures art into new dimensions: The Fantascapes are the result of a complicated creative process based on a classical painting technique ( watercolour, ink, gouache or acrylic),spun into digital art by the magical mouse...

Cyprus Sketches and Paintings 58 artworks

Paintings and Sketches from my 3 weeks painting trip through Cyprus in March 2012

Czech Republic Sketches and Paintings 17 artworks

Paintings and sketches from a trip to the Czech Republic in July 2011

Italy Sketches and Paintings 02 63 artworks

Paintings and travel sketches from Italy

Times of The Day 01 99 artworks

Watercolour paintings depicting the different times of the day

CATalogue 23 artworks

Paintings and other Art Works featuring cats.

USA Paintings 31 artworks

Artworks inspired by my 2 months trip through the Southern States of USA in January/February 2010

The Dreamscapes 63 artworks

Dance Paintings 29 artworks

Impressions de Provence 27 artworks

Paintings in Mixed technique inspired by impressions from the Provence

Religious And Spiritual Artworks 28 artworks

Fantasy paintings featuring spiritual themes and stories and parables from the bible

Golf Art 67 artworks

The Eroscapes 51 artworks

France Sketches and Paintings 02 69 artworks

Sketches and paintings from my travels to France

Special events 01 100 artworks

Bubble Boy 23 artworks

I will publish here the illustrations of my illustrated children book, called “Bubble Boy”. But before I start I want to tell you a story about it. I wrote this story in German under the name “Bule” about 25 years ago, at a time where I was quite a beginner in art. I needed some help, somehow, to be able to illustrate from imagination a whole story, so I inspired myself, especially for the second main character of the story, from some of the drawings, from an artist called Brian Bagnall who w...

Fractascapes 13 artworks

La Création du Monde 34 artworks

Well... i am experimenting a bit in the former bathroom my new atelier/atelier and I witness everyday the Creation of The World...