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giusy rizzi

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Member since Dec 14, 2017
Last modification date : Apr 15, 2019


Qualified artist uses various pictorial techniques: acrylic, oil, pastels and mixed technique. Create sculptures and bas-reliefs in terracotta and ceramics. Recently it is proposed to the public with its abstract paintings. Of me they say: "It presents itself to us with a surprising modernity. She is sincere, not blemish, does not cheat, she is one of a kind. He is not content to satisfy his ego, so his interventions become more and more intriguing, having as a dowry a great attention to detail and a meticulous mania in the drafting of the backgrounds that, normally, are formed by pure colors ... "(Caterina De Luca painter ), and also: "An imperious need to convey sensations through color and matter. The chromatic fabric is in motion, the colors meet and collide in a continuous dialogue ... A vital and engaging whole that brings to the surface a thrilling emotional reality full of nuances and contrasts "(Maria Teresa Majoli the Pomegranate Art Gallery) .
Participation in exhibitions and exhibitions
Collective exhibition of contemporary art "Komorebi" Corato (BA) July 2017;
out of competition by invitation to the Art Competition for emerging young people "Il Pendio" Corato (BA) August 2017;
Finalist with 3 works at the "Fructidor 2017" Contemporary Art Exhibition Livorno September 2017; Admission of 1 work at the "Viva Arte Venezia" International Collective Exhibition 2017;
Collective Exhibition of Contemporary Art "EmozionArti" Maiori (SA) October 2017;
Collective Exhibition ARTissima Bisceglie (BT) 02-12 December 2017;
Collective exhibition of painting and sculpture "The Dream of Jacob" Foggia 19-22 December 2017.
Upcoming events
Exhibition of modern art Triennale di Ferrara March 2018;
Mostra Convergenze Expo 2018 Rome June 2018


Marc Shagall, Gustav Klimt, Henry Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Giorgio de Chirico, Joan Mirò, Renè Magritte, Salvador Dalì, Giuseppe De Nittis

giusy rizzi

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