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My husband and I retired to rural central Illinois from the Chicago suburbs in 2010. After the moving chaos and flurry of visitors, winter blew in and I began looking for things to do. I began substituting as well as painting small garden signs that I sold at a farmer's market. At first I just loved getting out, meeting new people and learning more about the area. Then I began to paint more and different types of things. I've painted larger signs, rain barrels, furniture, walking sticks and even a giant mushroom! Soon I moved on to painting rocks. I transform them into fairy houses,"no maintenance" Koi ponds,and recently... shoes! I'm starting out with gently worn shoes in random sizes and themes, but am working towards taking special orders to personalize shoes for weddings, proms, special occasions, or just for fun! I love a challenge and I'm excited about my new venture!

When I'm not painting, I am creating one-of-a-kind fairy houses. I've always enjoyed camping and hiking, never suspecting that one day I would find my passion by combining my interests in order to create miniature fairy houses. Now, I look at the world with a different eye and on any given day you will find stones, acorns or seed pods in my purse or pockets! When I begin a new house it isn't long before my imagination carries me away and I find it hard to stop working, even to go to bed!

My fairy houses are made from thrift store finds, gourds, natural items and miniatures that I create from odds and ends or polymer clay. My favorite part of the whole fairy house experience is when someone looks at them closely and exclaims over each new little surprise they find. When they peer inside a tiny window and notice the miniature mug or hand-dipped candle that I made, or open the wine cork mailbox to see two tiny letters, I am fulfilled. All you have to do is....Believe!

I have made thirty-five fairy houses(all signed and numbered) and at this point, have only three available. I also make what I call Fairy Villages. I sculpt tiny houses from polymer clay, then create a "village" in a vintage teacup, on a piece of driftwood, or on a flat stone. Most of my work is sold in an art gallery in our town. After a newspaper article, television interview and some speaking engagements, I have built up a bit of a following. Customers have tracked me down through Pinterest, Facebook, and my website, all to purchase custom orders. It is difficult to keep my items in stock and am always overwhelmed at Christmas! That would be...a good thing! Thank you for your interest in my work.