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Farnham Churt, United Kingdom

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Farnham Churt, United Kingdom

Member since Apr 4, 2006
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Abstracting from Nature using colour, brush strokes, tone.

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An English artist who studied Interior Design at Chelsea Art College, London. She married, lived and worked in Paris and then Mauritius for 28 years until returning to her home county in Surrey, UK 4 years ago. She started painting 30 years ago taking lessons with a well know Mauritian artist/stage set designer, Serge Constantin. On Saturday afternoons Serge and a group of artists met and painted around Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius, particularly at the Port. She has also painted with and attended workshops held by Richard Kenton-Webb and Barry John Raybould. She joined Barry's online Visual Art Academy and continues to work according to his principles. She now works with Michael Weller in Winchester.

She is a firm believer of painting outdoors from nature, en plein air, alla prima, (doing a painting in one session, wet in wet) in all sizes, sometimes very small 6 x8" and sometimes very large. She never paints from photograph. She is experimenting in making large colourful abstracts paintings from her plein air oil studies and watercolour studies done in the studio. She enjoys walking in natural, wild, quiet places, this is where she finds her inspiration. She spends many months making numerous studies then develops them into a large abstract work. She is particularly interested in the subconscious and follows it's messages, never knowing where it will take her. Many of her paintings come from the subconscious when working onsite after many months of studying the subject. She is not copying the landscape but rather interpreting/feeling it.  Her paintings are about her body reflected in the landscape by the shapes and forms.

She paints for the pure pleasure of being outdoors and painting, looking at the colours and shapes and how to interpret them. She is exploring 'Less is More', putting the paint down thickly and leaving the brush strokes and paint to express itself. She is always learning and changing, becoming more at ease with oil paint and the difficulties of handling it!


Derain, Mattisse, Tom Thompson, Ivan Hitchens, Annabel Gault

Georgina Rey

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