Georgina Rey

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Farnham Churt, United Kingdom

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Shapes and Colour in the landscape

I like to paint in the wilderness far away from people, traffic and buildings. Rhythm, colour, light, composition, space, movement are all very important to me. I like to walk in quiet, wild places where I pick my spots. It takes time, you have to "stalk" your subject, it has to nag you to paint it! Every picture has a different method and you have to feel how to work it. Sometimes you just have to wait, you can't do anything! Thinking about it is also an important part of the process and giving it time, maturing as such. I spent 9 months in one spot at the 7 Cascades and in the end I got my big picture. After that I didn't feel like going there anymore. I listen to my intuition and go to the places that I feel I must go to. I also like shapes and colour.
Interesting shapes in the landscape attract me.



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