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L'art n'a qu'une seule limite: l'imagination.


I am delighted to welcome you to my Artmajeur gallery and to show you my works. Are you curious? So let's get to know each other better.

I was born in Melun in 1981.

I draw and paint since childhood. With a father draftsman and a mother amateur artist, art and creativity have always been part of my life. I could only succumb to the call of creation. However, the reason having prevailed on the heart, I followed scientific studies far from the artistic world. It was by working with children in a school that I found the momentum that was lacking to get started.

Totally self-taught, I decided to create my activity in 2017.

Endowed with an insatiable intellectual and artistic curiosity, as well as a great spirit of freedom, I like to venture into all the creative worlds that inspire me. So I work mainly with acrylic and graphite but I also let myself be tempted by pastel and watercolor. I am also exploring other techniques and am always looking for something new.

I like this freedom of creation both in the choice of techniques than in that of the subject. Indeed, although I have a weakness for figurative art, I appreciate from time to time the abstraction of any representation to let emotions and imagination express themselves.

This eclecticism is found at every stage of my work, just like the techniques, the themes vary according to my desires. Nevertheless, the beauty of nature and human representation have my preference. I take as much pleasure in the realization of an order of a portrait from photo as to the creation of a landscape.

I admire the delicacy and luminosity of a portrait of Ingres, the precision and the softness of Renoir, the light of Vermeer, the colors of Eduardo Kobra, the watercolors of Stephen Zheng, the feminity and the joy of the paintings of Amylee. These inspirations influence my creative process.

What motivates me is to manage to transmit what touches me through my work and to allow everyone to obtain the work of their dreams.


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2019 34ème salon artistique Beaumont-Louestault, France