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Moscow, Russia

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Moscow, Russia

Member since Dec 17, 2018
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I became interested in studio portrait more than 20 years ago. I wanted to get out of the limits of pure realistic reflection of a model – and thus started to use more my own imagination and to create outstanding images by varying aesthetics of different styles.  

It was not at once that I managed to bring my original vision and ideas into the portraits I made. During the first seven years of work I was actively growing my experience – and learned a lot. I was driven by my fascination then and did not think of getting a professional photographer status – my ambition was to execute my creative ideas in the most subtle and masterful way. That is how I learned to make complex lighting schemes, using from three to seven light sources for portraits - this approach is exactly what allows me to get the desired result. I gave up post-processing and get my pictures immediately ready for demonstration - using only light and camera settings. This keeps the feeling of magic – my heroes appear right out of pure light.

Now I enjoy both the process of photography and the result. And, looking back on the past twenty years, filled with happiness from my work, I would like to underline that this joy would never be complete without understanding and support from my family, who sincerely shares my Interests and always with patience and indulgence takes the challenges that, as we all know, people of creative professions often have to face in their lives. Deeply thankful for that, I dedicate all my works on this site to my family.


Rembrandt, Pieter Claesz

Лукьянов Илья

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