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2835 x 2845 px
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Human Inside (2014)

About this artwork
Artwork Type
Original Art
78.7x3.9 in
Support or surface
And the damage is done
There's blood in these veins And I cry when in pain
I'm only human on the inside
And though looks may deceive Make it hard to believe
I'm only human on the inside
Well I crash and I burn Maybe some day you'll learn
I'm only human on the inside
I stumble, I fall, baby I do it all
I'm only human on the inside
On the inside On the inside
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78.7x3.9 in
On Request
43.3x43.3 in
$10,227.57 $9,007.24
43.3x2.8 in
2.8x43.3 in
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