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16x20x0.8 in © by Alexis Baranek
Silver Moon and Wildflowers - Painting, 16x20x0.8 in ©2017 by Alexis Baranek - Abstract, abstract-570, Landscape, moon, mountains, wildflowers, purple, red, yellow, colorful, modern, abstract, landscape

Silver Moon and Wildflowers
16x20x0.8 in © by Alexis Baranek. Sometimes a painting just comes into our head from observing various elements around us and then looking at our various paints and supplies - such as the wonderful colors that may not really be true to the imaginary scene but just seem right and wonderful iridescent and metallic paints that give the moon and the tops of the moonlit mountains a nice glow. Perhaps this purple and blue painting will go just right with the color scheme in a modern room. Painted sides, ready to hang.

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