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60x90x0.1 cm ©2015 by Tobias Ginski
women-kij.jpg - Digital Arts, 60x90x0.1 cm ©2015 by Tobias Ginski - Illustration, Photorealism, Canvas, Paper, Erotic, Nude, People, Women, nude, sex, sexual, erotic, erotica, love, lesbian, lesisch, lesbienne

60x90x0.1 cm ©2015 by Tobias Ginski. Limited Edition 1/5 - original Pictures are printed on a foundation called FineArt, and created thanks to the latest technology of paper production, combined with special components of natural resources. Basis for those raw materials is cotton and alpha-cellulose. Paper used for the production of FineArt media does not react chemically with the pigment ink, which ensures the longevity of the prints for decades. work printed on paper Hahnemuhle William Turner 310g or on canvas Certificate of Authenticity, issued by the specialized laboratory, is added for every picutre. It is a proof of the authenticity of the execution of a limited edition of the author's artistic work.

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