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12.6x16.1x0.4 in ©2015 by Kyoko Yamaji
Blissful Spring - Painting, 12.6x16.1x0.4 in ©2015 by Kyoko Yamaji - Figurative, figurative-594, Animals, white horse, animals, white doves, young girl, spring, flower garden, peace

Blissful Spring
12.6x16.1x0.4 in ©2015 by Kyoko Yamaji. Oil painting of a young girl and a white horse in spring garden. Available at Triumph Gallery, Tokyo.

Ma 157 Ème Collection ! (Coco Sicart)
Balade Artistique 3 (A. Dall'Agnolo)
Art Beauty 14 (Omsurya Sandra Inti Ruphay)