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4x155x120 cm ©2014 by Dita Luse
Ethnic code - Painting, 4x155x120 cm ©2014 by Dita Luse - Conceptual Art, Light, Patterns, Spirituality, patterns

Ethnic code
4x155x120 cm ©2014 by Dita Luse. Ornaments in the painting “Ethnic code” are Latvian ethnographic patterns. They are symbolic, very old and laconic signs with great power, representing the Latvian people's faith in virtues, traditions, and protection from the evil. Together with the nation itself these signs have ventured the long way from ethnic awareness to a national state nowadays. We are a very small nation, but our spirit is strong. It is almost incredible this nation has succeded in maintaining its identity throughout the ages. Skulls, symbols of eternity, viewed through the prism of modern technology and representing the wish for succession are interwoven with Latvian signs which never become obsolate. They are engraved and eternized in our minds, like a display of identity and heritage preserved over space and time. It is the purpose and dream of every nation.

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