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1.2x31.5x39.4 in © by Peter Seminck
A Canadian Goose - Painting, 1.2x31.5x39.4 in ©2014 by Peter Seminck - Realism, Meisje, Montreal, Stadszicht, Vogel, realisme

A Canadian Goose
1.2x31.5x39.4 in © by Peter Seminck. I came across a poem and decided to paint something that also involved one of my favourite cities i.e. Montreal. "Something told the wild geese It was time to go, Though the fields lay golden Something whispered "snow". Leaves were green and stirring, Berries, luster-glossed, But beneath warm feathers Something cautioned "frost". All the sagging orchards Steamed with amber spice, But each wild breast stiffened At remembered ice. Something told the wild geese It was time to fly, Summer sun was on their wings, Winter in their cry." "Something told the wild geese" by Rachel Field Private collection Austria

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