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7.1x5.9 in © by Linda Boisvert Destefanis
Anticipation - Painting, 7.1x5.9 in ©2014 by Linda Boisvert Destefanis - Figurative, figurative-594, Children, pastel, reflection, girl, window

7.1x5.9 in © by Linda Boisvert Destefanis. This is a pastel on paper of my daughter's neice (now that she's married) and Madison was also their flower girl. I snapped this amazing photo at Erin's Massachusetts shower when Madison ran over to the window seat and exclaimed to all that her 'Uncle Jordy's Coming'! The photo later showed me that I had been lucky to capture her reflection in the window! I had to paint her! A 3" white matt surrounds the pastel with a lovely gold frame around.

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