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42.5x25.2 in ©2011 by Irena Aizen
Pyramid with Pelican-2 - Painting, 42.5x25.2 in ©2011 by Irena Aizen - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Animals, Flower, acrylic, allegorical, Art For Sale, art, Buy Art Online Buy Paintings Online, canvas, characters, colorful, emotional, fantasy, figurative, humor, large, love, naive, painting, portrait, psycho, romantic, surreal

Pyramid with Pelican-2
42.5x25.2 in ©2011 by Irena Aizen. Acrylic on Canvas. The painting is varnished with numerous coats of a high quality UV protective varnish. The perception of colors depends on your monitor and can be varied. Sold

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