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©2017 by Tero Takala
Electro-Maisema (fin) Electro-Landscape(eng) - Digital Arts ©2017 by Tero Takala - Abstract, abstract-570, Culture, electronic, landscape, abstract, art, art-craft, color, european, digital art

Electro-Maisema (fin) Electro-Landscape(eng)
©2017 by Tero Takala. Electronic Flow might look like this in a good day, when energy, status, position and stance are all in a very nice and accurate in balance situation-environment-thing. Who could ever forget those moments, not our deep-scanners, at least, they can`t. This Image is kind of a deep-scan , done by our very fully in charge total existence-machinary, almost automaticly, almost without stopping.

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