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35.4x35.4 in ©2019 by Nadya Chachilo
Rat-Ox - Textile Art, 35.4x35.4 in ©2019 by Nadya Chachilo -

35.4x35.4 in ©2019 by Nadya Chachilo. Rat – Ox Inspired by the culture of Ancient China, we are presenting you our new collection “The Stars of Success” The sense of beauty is what evokes positive emotions in people’s minds in the form of delight. We truly believe that these will be the feelings that our Rat-Ox print will bring to you. Expressiveness, subtleness and delicacy of colours in its design attract attention. The circle in the centre symbolizes, on the one hand, continuous movement, on the other – the female principle. The Rat represents striving for success in the society and material wellbeing. The Ox, in its turn, represents the Centre of the World, stability, perseverance, reliability and success, and is associated with fame and achievements. It neutralizes negativity and activates all kinds of good luck. Together these two symbols are “The Stars of Success”. They will bring you happiness, open up huge potential and grant success in all undertakings.

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