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30x30x1 in ©2014 by Jan Wall
Sailing 2 - Printmaking, 30x30x1 in ©2014 by Jan Wall - Figurative, figurative-594, Children, Sailboat, sailnoats, boys, El Toro, San Francisco Bay, Fred Lyon, photohrapher

Sailing 2
30x30x1 in ©2014 by Jan Wall. In this giclee print on canvas, a sailing class opens on San Francisco Bay. Half a dozen boys of various sizes and ages prepare their El Toros and set sail. The original was inspired by a photo taken by Fred Lyon, with his generous permission. He has been taking photos in the Bay Area for forty years, and recently published a collection of photographs. The blond boy in the nearest white boat is the artist’s grandson, Kyle. The shapes of the sails give the painting a geometric division. The twisted black sail in the center is in the process of being raised by a tall young man in a black bathing suit. The original painting was done by palette knife, with some of the riggings done in ink.

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