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©2020 by Kenneth Grzesik
Garden View 22 - Digital Arts ©2020 by Kenneth Grzesik - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, Flower, Garden, Geometric, Nature, digital abstract, modern art, contemporary art, series, art deco, neo deco, techno deco, digital deco, floral art, red, organic design, digital design, horizontal image, spring flower

Garden View 22
©2020 by Kenneth Grzesik. The image is designed with bridging the gap between technology and the natural world in mind. The motive is the development of a transnational way of looking at contemporary life's two main support systems. Both are necessary for survival. It seems like a really good idea to achieve a synergistic relationship between the two. Like the earth tilting on it's axis causing the seasons to change visual art can help develop an awareness of things that can be. The first step is to focus. Here the idea is to focus on an aspect of nature through the use of digital technology in a decorative way.

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