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39.4x31.5x0.8 in ©2019 by Luiza Lehtinen
Reflection #9 - Painting, 39.4x31.5x0.8 in ©2019 by Luiza Lehtinen - Abstract, abstract-570, Abstract Art, green, alcohol ink, fluid art, reflection, colorful, interior, expression

Reflection #9
39.4x31.5x0.8 in ©2019 by Luiza Lehtinen. This painting belongs to "The Samskaras" series witch I was created in 2019. Samskaras or Sanskaras (Sanskrit: संस्कार) are mental impressions, recollections, or psychological imprints. Samskaras are a basis for the development of karma theory. The painting was created very intuitively. Alcohol inks on canvas. UV-protected Exhibitions: 2020 Galleria 4-KUUS Helsinki Finland 2020 Galleria Paperihuone, Hämeenlinna Finland 2020 Kumppanuustalo, Hämeenlinna Finland

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