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11.5x8 in ©2016 by gordonartist1
2 of us - Painting, 11.5x8 in ©2016 by gordonartist1 - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Nude, Painting, acrylic, female, model, figure, red, abstract, nude, lesbian, breasts

2 of us
11.5x8 in ©2016 by gordonartist1. acrylic colour on acid free watercolour paper 300gm weight , 8 x 11.5 in, 21 x 29cm Small projects in A4 size are great to work out ideas, and just as a way of keeping in touch with colour and paper. Here I also try to exercise a more loose approach to applying the color, more abstract. The simpler result can be quite refreshing. People always make a good subject… the lines are fluid, the challenge is to put movement into the painting with color and ‘splash’. This nude is inspired by one of my many, many sketches. I finally get around to reworking the wonderful sketch and expanding the idea. The close up picture is of higher resolution to give a better sense of the paint, paper and the brush stroke. Then there’s the work in progress. Please note that you can purchase up to 3 paintings of this same size or smaller to be included in the same 1 shipping fee. Packaging for my small paintings like this one is sealed in plastic sleeve, sealed in a padded hard plastic file case, and in an envelope. Interested to have your idea painted in this style? Contact me.

Nuova Collezione Peppe 8 (peppeluciani)