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27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2016 by Tomislav Ivanišin
Mallow and Cornflowers I - Painting, 27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2016 by Tomislav Ivanišin - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Botanic, Flower, Garden, Nature, nature, flower, green, blue, white, field, meadow, cornflower, mallow, violet, summer

Mallow and Cornflowers I
27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2016 by Tomislav Ivanišin. A glorious celebration is taking place in this sunny unmown meadow. The knights are all in white, whilst their ladies are all in pinkish-purple. They are swaying slowly across the field greeted by a cheering blue crowd. A festive hymn of crickets is in the air. It seems to be a royal wedding. I painted simultaneously two paintings with this same title at the two locations nearby each other. This one is in the open field, the other one is at the edge of a forest. I had a bit of a problem with the latter one. Some peasants were doing field works there, using noisy machinery. To paint in peace and quiet I had to be there earlier than them. And so I had a very early start in those days, had to be done by 7am, when the workers would arrive. This one I was able to paint whole day long if I felt like it, I only had to endure merciless July sun. And that's why I finished this one first, although I started the other one almost a week earlier. Location - a field nearby Saint Stephen's church, Janjina, Peljesac peninsula July 2016, Oil on hardboard, 70 x 50 cm

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