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27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2015 by Tomislav Ivanišin
Irises - Painting, 27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2015 by Tomislav Ivanišin - Impressionism, impressionism-603, Botanic, Flower, Garden, Nature, Iris, Flower, Violet, White, Green, Nature

27.6x19.7x0.8 in ©2015 by Tomislav Ivanišin. Irises The Srđ mountain rises above Dubrovnik like a giant shield and protects it from the northern wind and other unpleasant things that might come from that side. It also offers plenty of joy to a nature lover. A lot of irises grow on its slopes remaining generally unnoticed. But during their blooming season in April they make amazing scenery with their large violet, blue and white flowers. A one just needs to climb for a few minutes to discover and enjoy them. And for those who can't visit slopes of Srđ in April, I have painted some. Dubrovnik, 2015, Oil on hardboard, 70 x 50 cm

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