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24x18 in ©2019 by Barry Farley Visual Arts
Galactic Ignitor - Digital Arts, 24x18 in ©2019 by Barry Farley Visual Arts - Abstract, abstract-570, artwork_cat.Abstract Art

Galactic Ignitor
24x18 in ©2019 by Barry Farley Visual Arts. >> This artwork is sold as the original framed print. No additional framed prints will be created after the transaction is complete. The "ONLY" exception is that the artist is permitted one Not-for-Sale framed copy to be displayed and viewed in his public or private galleries, either digitally or in person. (Due to the fact that you are ordering the original framed print and the transaction is a tax-deductible donation benefiting an internationally known and recognized organization, returns or exchanges are not permitted for any reason.) >> No additional sales of newly or previously purchased framed art will be permitted, for any reason, unless permission is granted by the original purchaser by written agreement, on a case by case basis. (See contact information on the presentation page to request additional details.) >> Framed artwork purchases are "ONLY" allowed in the form of donations, for the ALS Association, through our *Secure Facebook Account. All proceeds, minus print & frame ordering and shipping, are donated directly to the ALS Association. The transaction is then considered complete after the purchaser's funds are received and cleared. A reply email will be sent back to the purchaser confirming the transaction as complete and the ordering process will begin. (To Learn more about Facebook payments, please visit the Facebook payment information page. *Facebook uses encryption to protect your payments and keep your credentials secure. Learn more about how they protect your payment information on the Payments page of Facebook.) >> Barry Farley Visual Arts and/or Barry Farley the artist is neither directly nor indirectly partnered, contracted or affiliated with and receive no payments, services or benefits for utilizing the Facebook Payments platform. It is a fast, easy, user-friendly, safe, and convenient way for our customers to: 1. Choose the artwork they would like to own. 2. Process the required donation amount. 3. Receive confirmation of the transaction & donation. 4. Receive their beautifully framed, one of a kind artwork masterpiece, right at their doorstep in the allotted time, depending on shipping location. >> Shipping within the United States is included in the listed donation amount. (Allow 7-14 business days for delivery.) International shipping costs the listed donation amount +15%. (Allow 7-21 business days for delivery.) >> Upon receiving your order, any extensive damage to the frame and/or artwork within the frame will be replaced with the same exact piece that was extensively damaged, (i.e. artwork, frame or both), at no additional cost. After proper proof of the damage has been clearly identified and photographed, you then have 7 business days from the date of delivery to email the photographic proof to us for evaluation. See contact information on the presentation page for email address. (This is a one-time courtesy replacement. Any further mishaps will "NOT" be replaced, as to retain the artwork's value and availability.) >> Thank you for your interest in owning one of many beautifully created, one of a kind Barry Farley Visual Arts framed Artworks.

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